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Just a follow-up to my last post on’s pro blogs. Apparently, I’m not the only one complaining about this. After some comments and doing some more research, here are a couple additional opinions on the topic:

Climbing Narcissist

Are we being nit-picky on the subject of regular updates and RSS feeds? Maybe, but we’re bloggers so what do you expect?

Seriously, since the blogs don’t offer up the ability to join the conversation, the other climbing blogs have to provide the ability to do so.

I think it’s an interesting and relevant topic and can only help all climbing blogs focus on good content as well as community participation.

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  1. I’m with you on this one. I don’t think blogs have to be updated that regularly, there are low and high volume blogs and that’s the beauty of the RSS subscription model. But if you don’t have RSS and commenting then it’s not a blog.

  2. I was speaking with a newly sponsored climber a few weeks ago, and her sponsor suggested she(and all their sponsored climbers) should have blogs. And that’s all the direction she was provided.

    Their assuming that everyone is savvy on what a blog entails is sort of out of touch, I’d think, and they’d do well to assist their “ambassadors” in developing a blog that does have the functions mentioned above. When someone spends most of their time on the road, they probably aren’t really interested in figuring out the ins and outs of a good blog.

    On the other hand, perhaps the vendors don’t really want those features in the individual blogs, because then it can remove them from the end user’s view….

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