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Prana acquired

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This is apparently old news, but I only recently stumbled upon the news story. On November 30, Prana announced that they were being acquired by the women’s clothing company, Liz Claiborne.

Prana co-owners and founders Beaver and Pam Theodosakis, and Demian Kloer, will continue to run the company. Prana, based in Vista, CA, is expected to generate net sales of approximately $30 million in fiscal 2005.

“One of the primary reasons we selected Liz Claiborne was because of our ability to maintain a significant economic interest and independence in running Prana, which will allow us to preserve the quality and essence of the Prana brand that our customers and retailers expect,” said Beaver Thedoskis, Prana’s president. “This relationship goes far beyond the bottom line as we are highly impressed by Liz’s brand-building capabilities and corporate commitment to people, fair trade and the environment. We have a great opportunity to share best practices in these areas.”

As Prana has been one of my favorite climbing clothing companies over the years, I can only hope nothing changes. For me, Prana has always provided climbing clothes that have fit and worn well.

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