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Shared Summits Expedition on K2 airs this weekend

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NBC Sports is running a TV special this Saturday, December 16 at 2pm EST on the Shared Summits Expedition on K2.

A webcast of the Shared Summits show will air a day earlier at 3pm at

The team was led by Chris Warner, an accomplished mountaineer and owner of the Earth Treks climbing gym in Maryland.

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  1. The visuals are pretty cool. The footage of people actually moving towards the summit gives you a really good sense of the sort of terrain they are moving over that is hard to capture in still images. Pretty incredible to see live action footage from above 8000 meters.

    Of course the narration overhypes everything and they use the phrase “death zone” about 100 times per episode but you learn to block it out.

  2. unforunately this didn’t air until 1am Monday morning in my area. and it was late due to football which caused my DVR to miss 20 minutes of the show…

  3. Yeah, I completely missed it as well. At least you found part of it on TV, I checked and didn’t see it at all. I was assuming user error on my part until I read your comment. It looks like they botched this up.

  4. Yes, it was bumped by golf it seems. The only reason it recorded was because I had a pre-existing schedule recording the show from when there were rock climbing segments on.

    Also, the K2 portion only appears to be around 30-40 minutes of the episode and the rest is other adventure sport footage. I’m only a short way into the K2 part but they have spent most of the time thus far bashing people that climb Everest for being soft.