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Urban Climber suckers me again

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I just succumbed to an offer by Urban Climber to re-subscribe to their magazine. How can I resist half price and a free chalkbag?

Despite my frequent complaints that it reminds me of the skateboard mags I used to read as a kid, I can’t get enough pictures of climbing. My suggestion to Urban Climber – if you’re going to continue printing articles, at least use some layouts with fonts I can actually read. Some of us climbers are starting to get old…

After I sent the form in the mail, I checked out the site. Apparently, this was no special offer. Everyone gets the 50% discount and a freebie climbing gift. Oh well.

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  1. I agree the font and style of the magazine is a bit annoying, though perhaps as a new climber I don’t have room to speak yet. I got a free subscription to Climbing Magazine itself from one of the free magazine subscription sites, but I think I was too late to get the free Urban Climber. Anyhow, not too long ago they had a USA Climbing Special, and in that was a subscription offer to Urban Climber for under 10, though you don’t get the free bennie , chalkbag or other climbing gift. It is a shame that it the style is so odd, as it seems to be the magazine that I would be more interested in, if it just kept it’s same focus, but “normalized” its style.