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Andy Kirkpatrick Blogs and Twitters His Eiger Climb

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In what is truly a great example of using new media tools for expedition reporting, Andy Kirkpatrick is blogging and posting updates to Twitter on his solo ascent of the North Face of the Eiger.

Unfortunately, as of yesterday, it looks like he is retreating:

Starting this morning I put my solo belay device upside down. I didnâ??t even have the energy to sort my rack and in my mind the eiger stretched on to heaven.
Trying to solo the eiger has required all the skills and tricks i have. But finally it comes down to knowing when youâ??re beat. Its time to bail.

Regardless, thanks Andy for sharing your adventure with us. I hope we can look forward to more climbers using innovative ways of keeping us posted and engaged from a distance.

(via @tysontitensor)

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  1. I was really hooked and check each time I was near the computer for updates. The fear always is though that it’s going to end up being a ‘snuff feed’ where some really fucks up and remotely blogs their final regrets, was a little worried about that … Think it comes of reading ‘White Spider’ too recently, the North Face scares the shit out of me after reading that!