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Carlo Traversi Discusses the Future of the Climbing Industry

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Carlo Traversi discusses the future of the climbing industry and the different types of pro climbers interacting with the companies and the community.

At this point in time, VERY few climbing companies have any clue what they are doing beyond making a decent product that sells enough to keep them afloat. I believe that much of this is due to BAD marketing techniques and BLATANT misuse of key athletes on their climbing teams. Hint to climbing companies-stop doing the marketing by yourself and hire someone that knows whats up.

In the past, I’ve commented on the archaic marketing from most climbing companies. I’ll have more commentary on this topic soon, but Carlo’s post (and the comments) is a must-read and quite thought provoking.

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  1. yeah, much better that they hire marketing companies who are even more clueless. that’ll get some serious results.

    Most climbing companies still think they are getting a good deal buying ads in print mags. ha!

  2. Agreed. I don’t think that Carlo’s suggestion of hiring an external marketing company is a good idea. Instead, developing a marketing department (or person) internally (that has the directive and authority to get stuff done) would be the best course of action.