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Climbing Gear Review Roundup – 2/25/09

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Following up on my last gear review roundup, here are some more reviews floating around the web:

Jay Young at reviews the book An Eye at the Top of the World by Pete Takeda.

Team Geared Up offers up their thoughts on the climbing film The Fanatic Search.

Björn Pohl reviews the Andrea Boldrini Scorpios and recommends a couple books.

The Colorado Mountain School reviews the La Sportiva Katana, the Marmot Cauldron jacket, and the Arcteryx S240 harness.

Climbing Hold Review looks at the Climb It Top Out Slopers and the EntrePrises Imperfect Cobbles.

Lloyd Climbing Blog covers two bouldering films: Unreal and Swedish Meatballs.

Steph Davis talks about her favorite crack climbing shoes by Five Ten.

Stewart Green reviews a new climbing geology book: Flakes, Jugs, and Splitters.

And finally, The Adventure Life examines a new portable espresso maker.

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  1. Yeah, it’s surprising that so few people actually have heard about it especially considering who actually produced it. Still though, I came across it by accident also…hopefully the review will get it some credit.