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Climbing Magazine 2008 Reader Survey

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While print magazines are rapidly becoming less and less relevant, some of us still subscribe (like me!) and would like to see them improve.

I received an email from Climbing Magazine with a link to their annual reader survey for both subscribers and non-subscribers. The survey is rather long, but I highly recommend filling it out and letting them know how to improve the magazine.

Instead of bitching about the content amongst ourselves, it’s always better to provide the magazine with some constructive criticism.

If you completely fill out the survey, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win gear from Millet.

The survey closes on 12/31/08.

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  1. I think the problem is that the 2 surveys are targeted at two different subscriber bases, being that I am loyal (got both subscriptions for free) reader I am somewhat of an overlapping reader.

    The UC survey was quite long though. Using terms like “Sucks” as one of the choices was not the best way to construct a survey either

  2. I’m a subscriber to both as well (actually R&I too) and I took a quick look at the UC survey and cringed. Basically the same survey (I know it’s the same parent company but come on) and I’m not sure I have the bandwidth right now to do another one – though I have much more constructive criticism for UC.

    I actually had some lessons in designing surveys in a business school class and basically all I remember is that this is not trival. How you ask questions is important and so are the answers provided too. So your point about “Sucks” is spot on!