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Merry Christmas Climbers!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Hopefully Santa Claus brought you some cool climbing gear for Christmas! If so, leave a comment and let us know what fun new gear you’ll get to play with in the new year.

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  1. Oops, should have started this off by adding that my wife and I decided to get a new camera for Christmas. Hopefully that will mean new and better climbing pics on the blog!

  2. That’s funny, Tom! That’s my Xmas treat to myself, though I am still shopping. I miss the Canon Rebel I used to shoot with, but am thinking it’s going to be a little point and click for now… easier to pack up multipitch routes.

    I also treated myself to a pair of Patagonia shoes… they’re ugly (no offense, Patagonia) but they’re fuzzy inside with a fold-down heel so they’re PERFECT for the freezing cold climbing gym. My toes are staying toasty warm now, vs. belaying in my flip-flops in temps where I can see my breath!

    Merry Christmas, and keep up the great work, Tom!

  3. The Rebel is AWESOME. I shot several trips with that camera… over 700 images from my Red Rocks trip, 70 of which were good enough to album… and my Smith trip last February. I hauled it up to the top of routes to anchor in and shoot from above… I handled it carefully, but it held up great and took awesome pictures. Unfortunately, it wasn’t *mine*… I just had the privilege of shooting with it for a few months.

    After MUCH shopping, I decided on a Canon Powershot SD 890 point and shoot. I just got it last week, but so far I am SUPER impressed with it compared to my earlier point and shoots. One feature I had to shop hard for was a customizable timer that would take multiple shots (wait 10 seconds, then fire off 10 shots with a short delay)… some of the Canons have it, and this was one. Handy feature for solo bouldering photos…

    Enjoy the Rebel, I’m jealous! 😉