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Climbing videos at UrbanClimber.TV

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After my post on, I was pointed in the direction of UrbanClimber.TV by a reader. This is a nicely designed site for climbing videos. Though their current catalog of submitted videos is small, the ones there are quality. I can only see this site getter better as more climbing videos are added. A nice feature they include is search, which as I mentioned previously is an essential ingredient for a site like this. I particularly like how from a video channel category such as bouldering, the pop-up window for viewing also has links to other popular videos in that category. You can easily click on another video after finishing the one you’re viewing. Of particular note is the Evilution video starring Jason Kehl by Mike Call.

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  1. More videos will be coming soon. This site is being developed by the two guys who did climbingfilms (no longer involved with them.), so there are many more updates and a better backing for the site.