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Climbing Video: Top 20 classic boulder problems in North America

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Top 20 Classic Boulder Problems of North AmericaWhile the “top X” of anything can be heartily debated, take a look at this clip from The Top 20 Classic Boulder Problems of North America released last year by Flashed Climbing and Rock & Ice.

Over 500 top climbers were asked to name the most classic boulder problems in North America. This is a countdown of the top 20. The all female cast features some of the sports top climbers with each problem show casing a different athlete such as Cerre Francis, Kate Reese, Charlotte Jouett, Alli Rainey, and others. Director and producer Nathan Cando has created trailers for Hollywood blockbusters such as Gladiator and now brings his talent to the climbing industry.

Included in this trailer is footage of the following boulder problems:

  • The Pearl, V4, Red Rocks, NV
  • Bumboy, V4, Horsepens 40, AL
  • Pinch Overhang, V7, Horsetooth Reservoir, CO
  • Anorexic, V5, Priest Draw, Flagstaff, AZ

If you’ve seen the entire film, what would you change about their list?

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  1. I bought this film in Boulder several months ago for a donation to the Hera Foundation. Although I can not answer your question because I am new to climbing, I thought I would mention that I love this video. Watching the film in it’s entirety is a dose of motivation, especially for women. For those who are new to the sport like me, it’s a fantastic variety of US locations and strong females in the climbing scene. It denies gender pointing and has a great soundtrack. I highly recommend.