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Dead Point Magazine Now Offers PDF Download, Kinda

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ClimbingNarc reports that Dead Point Magazine now allows you to save the online magazine as a PDF for offline reading.

I’ve been complaining about this for a while, but unfortunately they’re not quite there yet. You can’t just click on a link for the PDF download. Instead, you have to load up the entire online magazine seeing page-by-page thumbnails and once the process is complete, you can then save the mag as PDF.

Part of the way there is better than nothing I guess…

If the goal of a free magazine is wide distribution, then why are they making hard for as many people as possible to read it?

My advice: publish straight to PDF. Put it on Amazon S3 or a CDN and allow us to link straight to it. Immediately more distribution that costs less than printing a paper magazine that will increase revenue from advertisers.

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  1. That was a bit annoying. Overall, I thought the new reader worked much better than the original implemenation. A PDF offers basically the same interface I suppose. At least it looks like they are willing to listen to feedback and adapt.

  2. I agree the new reader is definitely better and that some progress is better than none. I just don’t understand what they’re thinking though with the whole PDF thing. It would only help them when blogs like ours directly link to the PDF and help distribute. They would still know exactly how many downloads they’ve had so it’s not like they lose any metrics.

  3. Why wouldn’t you just post a direct link to their magazine. It sounds like you guys are pissed because you can’t put their content on your site.

  4. donkey – I did post a direct link to there site above in the original post, very first sentence. And here it is again:

    I didn’t link directly to the their reader/current issue simply because I thought it was easier and more beneficial to my readers to hit the front page of Dead Point first where in addition to the new issue they always have new videos to check out as well.

    If I didn’t like the content and what they’re trying to do, I wouldn’t waste my time talking about them at all and making constructive criticism.

    Neither Narc nor myself are “pissed because you canâ??t put their content on your site.” To my knowledge, neither of our blogs steal content from anyone’s website nor ever will.