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How to walk a slackline

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I’m skeptical that slacklining actually helps all that much for climbing, but we like to have fun with it anyway. Here’s an article from WikiHow on how to walk a slackline. also has a detailed article on one person’s slackline setup with nice pics.

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  1. Slack-linging takes a lot of focus and balance. So, I’d have to say it does help for your climbing skills. It works out your body’s core and your mental state. Just my 2 cents.

  2. I agree with your comment 100% Derek. Slacklining does improve balance and improves the mental state. But so do numerous other activities/sports. I guess I’ve just heard so many climbers imply that slacklining has a more direct and specific impact for climbers versus other activities. That is more the line of my thoughts on the subject – it’s useful, but I don’t get the popularity. I suppose it’s the fact that a slackline is so easy to set up at the camp.