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Moon Fingerboard

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I just read the hangboard review in the new issue of Climbing and the Moon Fingerboard has really caught my eye. From Moon:

As with all Moon products our design philosophy is definately less is more and the Moon fingerboard is no exception. Do not be conned into buying a fancy fingerboard at a high price. The Moon fingerboard is all you need. It contains all the differents types of holds you need to train on to get stronger for all types of climbing from half joint finger edges through to incut fingerjugs, 2 finger pockets through to 4 finger pockets and 2 different types of slopers. It’s a compact, simple design which if you used correctly will prove highly effective and will soon become your best friend.

I’m looking to add another hangboard to my tiny Metolius Slim Gym and the Moon board looks like it would complement my Metolius perfectly. Anyone have opinions on hangboards/fingerboards?

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  1. I don’t have any strong opinions hangboards (although I just picked up the Livingood from So Ill), but if you find a place in North America to buy the Moon board, please post about it. I don’t mind the $70 price tag on the Moon website, but I do mind the additional $70 shipping!

  2. @JMG yeah, I just went to the Moon website yesterday and saw the same thing – $70 for shipping & handling to the US. I was ready to buy and then paused. Is $140 total worth it for this fingerboard?

    Has anyone used the Moon hangbooard?

  3. Anybody in the US carying it mailorder? I would imagine shipping from the UK would be a bit too much.

  4. i’m eric. joining a couple boards and looking
    forward to participating. hehe unless i get
    too distracted!


  5. The fingerboard is $70 and shipping an aditional $40 for a $110 total which is a bit much for a fingerboard. Someone in the US needs to start distributing Moon products.

  6. I recently bought a moon board. It was worth the shipping in the end. Although the moon board is of mid quality fingerboards, it does the job well. Frankly I would recomend it, but be willing to pay the price for a good fingerboard, most fingerboards cost a fair amount. all depends on quality. Out of 5 satrs i gibe it a 3.75.

  7. I just bought the moon board about a week ago and she shipping to the US is now 13 dollars. The board is great and 83 dollars is great compaired to other hangboards of this quality.