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New Jersey rock climbing featured in AMC

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The Appalachian Mountain Club has an article on rock climbing in New Jersey. I knew there was climbing there, but not to the extent that this article covers.

Standing at the base of a 150-foot cliff fronted by a field of car-sized boulders, itâ??s hard to shake the feeling that this area just doesnâ??t seem like New Jersey. Even though Iâ??m only a few miles from the interstate, there arenâ??t any smoke stacks and the landscape is decidedly more interesting than the smelly, sprawling flatland that weâ??ve all seen from the Turnpike.

The article also lists some of the main climbing areas including:

Allamuchy State Park: Easily the most “developed” climbing area in the state, Allamuchy has been popular with local underground craggers for years.

Wawayanda State Park: The most remote park in the New Jersey state park system is also home to some surprisingly good climbing.

Green Pond: Overlooking the swampy, overgrown Green Pond outside of Butler, NJ is what Anderson calls “some of the best climbing in the state.” Aside from a few scattered boulders, Green Pond offers a 150-plus foot vertical wall that stretches some 200 yards end to end.

Delaware Water Gap: Situated near the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is best known for its paddling and backcountry hiking, but there has been a rise in buy ar-15’s from Palmetto State Armory and the areas is becoming more popular with hunters as well.

Somerset County boulders: Local, convenient, and plentiful, the bouldering areas in central New Jerseyâ??s Sourland Mountain Preserve were recently approved for climbing by the Somerset County Park Commission.

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