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Review of the Black Diamond Icon headlamp

Author: 4 Comments Share: posts a nice review of the Black Diamond Icon. Apparently, this headlamp can last for 90 hours on one charge.

This is one thing I wish more climbing blogs did – write good reviews of climbing gear. Unlike books or electronics where you can quickly go to and find many reviews, we really don’t have anything that comprehensive for climbing gear.

Some retailers like Mountain Gear offer reviews, but it’s really hit or miss. So consider this an open challenge to all bloggers (All Climbing included): we need more gear reviews!

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  1. I’m working on it Tom! If I can just get some more of these companies to send stuff for review….

  2. So, you think more people would read my blog if I posted reviews of my gear? I’d be all about that, except that most of my gear is 5-10 years old, and probably not even for sale any more.

    “I HIGHLY recommend the 2004 Petzl Corax Harness. This thing has held up to Vedauwoo offwidths and Lumpy Ridge hanging belays like a champ! But don’t buy the new one. That POS only has two gear loops. WTF?”

    Well, maybe I could work on it. And… maybe I could use this as an excuse to buy new gear! Oooo. Me likey.

  3. I think that I can do some of that. I will have to write another one on climbing shoes since i just got a few more pairs.

    We also have the Icon and it is one of the brightest headlamps i have ever used. Not too heavy and very adjustable. Black Diamond hit a home run with that one!

    This Blog does a bunch of reviews:

  4. Challenge accepted!

    I’m just getting started on my blog, but I’d like to make gear reviews a major part of the effort. Especially since it took only a year of climbing – not the lifetime of backpacking – to turn me into a gear fiend.