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Ropegun Makes a Return

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I loved their clothing (still have a ragged t-shirt), so it’s exciting news that Ropegun is returning.

Ropegun was created in 1999 by a group of rock climbers that wanted to produce simple, hip clothing geared toward rock climbing.  Their creations included skate shorts, board shorts and jeans.Then in 2002, Ropegun was brought to the Bay Area by climbing guru Greg Loh, and Jaime Grant. In 2008, Ropegun moved yet again to a previous Ropegun team member Joe McDaniel and Rey Cruz.  The pair held onto the brand and worked feverishly to put out a new design that would work for the evolving climber, and now in 2009, the time is finally here to release their vision to the public.

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1 Comment

  1. are they really? been looking for them for a long time. their FB page is a ghost town and their url is dead. do they sell anything?