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Site reconstruction under way

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You may have noticed that the site is slightly different the past two days. Two major changes have occurred. First, using Movable Type as the publishing software was just simply not working. There are many aspects of MT that I like, but there were too many errors occurring and numerous maintenance issues I had to spend time on. Thus, the site is now successfully (I think?) migrated to WordPress 1.5. WordPress offers many advantages and I won’t get into them here. Suffice it to say that WordPress is just flat out easier to use than any other blog software I tried.

The second big piece of news is that the All Climbing site is now formally part of the EvovedBlogs Network. This association will provide numerous benefits, not the least of which will be increased traffic and readership.

If anyone finds broken links, please let me know. I tried my best when migrating to keep things the same. Where that was not possible, I set up redirects in my htaccess file (ok, there were a lot if them).

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  1. Just curious, what were the parts of Movable Type that weren’t meeting your needs? I’d love to be able to give more feedback to our product team about what yu’re looking for in a blogging tool.

  2. Hi Tom.

    Since your addition into the EvolvedBlogs network have you found much improvement in your traffic or readership?
    PS I just noticed the “subscribe to comments” checkbox, is that a WordPress plugin?

    Good luck! ShadyCraig

  3. Hi Tom,

    I notice you’re getting some spammy comment! Try spam karma, I think you’ll like it.

    Ps how’s the amazon ads thing in the sidebar work? not seen that before. Any good?