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Some ad changes

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I recently removed some of the Google ads on the site and replaced them with Chitika eMiniMalls on individual blog post pages. The Google ads really didn’t do much for the site, but I’m impressed with the Chitika eMiniMalls. They allow a niche climbing blog to display some useful climbing products and hopefully make a little money to support the site in the process. I like the fact that the user is actually seeing climbing product images and not just more text. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Hi Tom,

    I’ve also been looking for an alternative to Google AdSense Ads. I’d be interested to know how you get on.

    I’ve tried a couple of schemes including Tradedoubler and Clicksor. Td was rubbish, due to a lack of related advertisers. Clicksor seems much better looking at other site but I’ve yet to be approved, they run the “underlined keyword” style ads where the ad shows once you mouseover the keyword.
    Last of all, Amazon is slow and steady.


  2. I’ll post some results once the Chitika ads are up for a while. If you run them on a site in which you can target the products, I expect they’ll do well. If you have to run generic products, it may not do as well. Chitika also has an option to run contextual product ads like Google AdSense, but you can’t run them on the same page as Google or it violates their terms of service. So for now I’m using some targeted keywords for climbing related products and we’ll see how it goes.