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Benefits of climbing

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I ran across an article today on the physical and health benefits of climbing at Here’s an excerpt:

“Engaging in a physical activity like rock climbing can tip the balance of a person’s calories consumed versus calories burned,” said Professor Frank Powell of Furman University’s Health and Exercise Sciences Department. “With that kind of exercise and moderating your diet, it’s certainly possible that it will have a significant effect.”

“Because of the nature of climbing, a person’s strength-to-body-weight ratio is a good predictor of success,” Powell said. “Slighter-built people do better than more ponderous ones, so as soon as a climber starts to lose some excess weight, they find out that they’re more agile on the rocks and making better climbs, and then they start to say, ‘OK, I’ve got to be more selective with my diet if I want the energy to be able to do what I love.’ “

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