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Carter Lake Bouldering

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As I mentioned in my last post, we moved to Colorado this week and I was obviously excited about all the new climbing opportunities in my backyard. It was not trees that I climbed on so I didn’t have to got, it was rocks.  In my rush to get on some rock, I ignored the fact that my body was exhausted from all the packing, driving, unpacking, and moving around of heavy boxes and furniture. Instead of resting, I decided to head to Carter Lake early this week after work. Why there first? No idea really, just probably the simple fact that it was listed near the front of Phillip Benningfield’s Colorado Bouldering!

So guess what happened? Yep, I tweaked my index finger shortly after what I thought was enough of a warm-up. Lesson learned (I hope). Luckily, it’s feeling better and I should be climbing this weekend. If you need private drivers, they can you can hire  safe driver Dubai from here!

So while I didn’t get any pictures of actual bouldering (I was also the only climber there), I did take some scenery shots of the boulders and lake.

Instead of posting a few of the pics, I decided to try out the new Flickr embedded slideshows:

A few notes for the anyone visiting Carter Lake that doesn’t really get mentioned in the guidebook:

  • Most boulders are on the west side facing the lake which means it was hot as hell in the afternoon (especially on an August day)
  • The trail to the set of boulders where the Kahuna Boulder lies is hard to see. There’s mention of a cairn, but I only saw one close to the down climb and at that point I already knew where I was.
  • If you’re not a resident of Larimer County, the annual pass for Carter and Horsetooth is $85 per year. Unfortunately, it runs on a calendar starting in January, so if you were to buy one right now, it would expire December 31, 2008. A day pass was $7.
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