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Numerous climbing news links come across my desk on a regular basis, but I find that not all of them are actually “blog-worthy” or warrant a more detailed discussion. For these news items, I’ll be aggregating them in a post several times a week. My reasoning is that these may be of interest to some climbers and that posting them provides overall value to all.

Also, if anyone comes across interesting climbing news, events, or other info, feel free to email me.

Today’s Climbing News Links:

Safety message failing to reach climbers
Accidents on UK’s highest peak.

Iranian 2005 Everest Expedition team members announced
Iran Mountaineering Federation introduced five men and five women as the members of Iranian 2005 Everest Expedition.

4 climbers selected to measure Mount Everest
Chinese climbers will use GPS and radar for the measurement of Everest.

Indian Army returns to Everest
The Indian Army will send an all women team up Mount Everest this spring.

Search finds lost climbers alive
Two climbers have been found after going missing in the Cairngorms.

Ulrich aims for 7th summit
Marshall Ulrich is aiming to complete the Seven Summits.

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