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New comments system added

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I added a new comment system for this blog today by Intense Debate. I’ve been following their innovative commenting system across a few different sites now and I’ve been really impressed with how it works.

Here are a few of the new benefits readers of All Climbing will now see:

  • The Intense Debate comment system enables conversations within the commenting section. Replies to other comments are indented at different levels to make it easier to follow the various conversations.
  • Commenters can have profiles and avatars that are stored on a central server at Intense Debate. This profile can then be used across other blogs.
  • Each user also has a reputation attached to their identity that is displayed whenever they make a comment. This is similar to what you see on sites like Digg.

Comment on this post below and tell me what you think.

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  1. Just testing the new system. Pretty cool I think. I also forgot to mention that there are RSS feeds for everything!

  2. Josh, thanks for commenting. I actually do have a few issues and will be contacting you directly. Trackbacks are being received but not showing up when the plugin is installed. For example, this post already has one trackback. Will users of ID have to modify their themes by hand for this? Also, I tried importing old comments and nothing shows up. I went back to the old way until I can figure out the issue. If ID can make these transitional issues a bit easier with the WordPress plugin, I think it can be a great system. Most blog owners will not have the desire though to hack the php in their themes to get everything working properly.

  3. After digging around a bit on the ID site, I found that trackbacks are not currently supported but coming soon. Josh, is there an ETA for this feature? Otherwise, I can't see any blog being able to use the system effectively.