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New research says have a beer after your next workout

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I’ve been known to have a beer or two after climbing, so it’s encouraging to read that I may not necessarily be hurting my fitness.

New research suggests that beer may be a decent source of hydration after a workout.

Researchers from Granada University in Spain published results from a recent study that tested the hydration powers of water versus beer, and a results were surprising.

After students performed strenuous exercise until exhaustion in 104 degree Fahrenheit temperatures, one group was given two pints of beer while the other group drank the same amount of water. Both groups were then allowed to drink as much water as they wanted and their hydration levels were tested soon after. The tests revealed a slightly better measurement in the beer drinkers than those who drank water. Surprising? According to common principles of nutrition, this finding may be scientifically grounded.

Ok, so maybe beer is not the best solution, but knowing it may help you is still good news to me!

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  1. boy howdy. Tell climbers something we didn’t already know. I’ve historically been a beer snob, but just this weekend discovered just how incredible Rainier from a tap can taste after a long day of climbing up here at Frenchman’s Coulee…

  2. I think if I didn’t have a beer or ten after climbing my fitness would suck. Beer always makes me feel better and send