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Rock Climbing Europe

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Rock Climbing Europe (Regional Rock Climbing Series)

Stewart Green, author of Rock Climbing Colorado and other guides, has written a new climbing guide to Europe called Rock Climbing Europe.

“Rock Climbing Europe” is an oversized, sturdily bound paperback guide that Green finished after 15 trips to Europe for research, climbing and interviews with climbers.

“When I started going to Europe in the 1990s, it was difficult to find information there,” he says. “You had to translate guides from French and Italian, and all you had were hand-drawn topo maps and no photographs.”

Green’s guide includes climbing routes with maps and photos in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Germany and Norway – all places, he says, that are steeped in a great climbing tradition.

The result: a climbing book that is part routefinder, part travel guide and part travelogue, with tidbits about the weather (the best climbing in Belgium’s Freyr is between April and late October); cultural highlights (Gothic architecture abounds in Bolzano, Italy); and food (Provencal cooking in the south of France features olive oil and garlic).

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  2. Ha. That post from Coronn. They have some of the goods about Europe, yeah, but a lot of it they steal from authors. They take guidebooks and scan them and post them, like the Frankenjura one. Or they change a few things and post them…without doing any of the work at the cliff that guidebook authors do. A good guidebook is worth a lot more than a bunch of unvetted downloaded stolen information that is posted on a website.

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    Second, information about rock climbing competitions again for same category and for same period?