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Climbing Weather site

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It’s time to double check the weather for weekend climbing and I stumbled on a climbing specific web site for weather that I had never used before:

Usually I have a few bookmarked pages to the National Weather Service for my local climbing areas. does this better by showing exactly what I need in an easy to read format.

Additional features include monthly rain and temperature averages, an area map via Google, and a “nice climbing days” tracker. I’d love to see how they measure and track this – the site states The New has had 45 nice climbing days this year.

I love the site, but do have a few suggestions. First, they could add RSS feeds for each area as well as the blog. It would be really useful to open my feed reader with all my other climbing reading and see the upcoming forecast.

A second suggestion (and I know I’m reaching here) would be to create weather widgets for climbing related sites and blogs. I’m not sure what the long-term plan is for, but weather widgets would go a long way to spreading their reach.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions and the post! I agree that RSS feeds and widgets would be a great idea and something that I would like to explore. I haven’t really done much with widgets in the past, but I know that they are gaining popularity.

    Also, the ‘Nice Climbing Days’ is a bit experimental, but I should probably at least explain what I consider ‘Nice’. This is subjective, but I’m basing it on the last available forecast for a particular day. If the forecast has a high between 50 and 80, and 20% or less chance of rain, I consider it a nice day.

    One feature you should definitely check out if you haven’t is the Proximity Search – it allows you to enter a zip code and get the nearest climbing areas.

    Glad you enjoy the site, and keep an eye out for new features coming soon!

  2. Thanks for explaining your ‘Nice Climbing Days’ concept. It sounds very reasonable.

    I hadn’t tried the proximity search, but I’ll check it out.

  3. Thanks for the info. I own my own webiste called, this has a daily update of climbing conditions at Bowles Rocks. Although this s only one crag I am hoping some people might find the information useful.