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eBay for outdoor enthusiasts

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I was recently pointed to a site called GearTrade that looks like a promising alternative to the big (and sometime pricey) auction sites like eBay. Some of the unique advantages include no listing fees and long term listings (year-long). Right now there is little climbing gear, but the potential is there. As the site gets more exposure and traffic, GearTrade could turn into a winner.

From the site:

GearTrade had its beginnings when was first registered in September of 1998. Since then, the original idea expanded and evolved into its current form. GearTrade was co-founded in June 1999, in Provo, Utah, by a group of outdoor enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who noticed a need for a convenient marketplace for individuals and companies looking to buy and sell used and retail outdoor gear.

These outdoor enthusiasts realized that the problem was not a lack of gear, but simply that there was not an efficient marketplace for the distribution of closeout and used outdoor gear to the masses. GearTrade overcomes these inefficiencies and streamlines the entire process of bringing all the sellers and buyers of used and closeout outdoor gear together on one web site.

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  1. I did get an email from GearTrade, but they were very upfront about it, simply asking me to check out their site. As I mentioned in my original post, they have a good concept, but I wonder if they can gain enough critical mass to really make it a destination site. Right now if I’m looking for real cheap or used climbing gear, I go to eBay.

    For climbers though, the problem is there isn’t a lot of gear we’re willing to buy used. Out of the question items include: harnesses, ropes, slings, draws, and a majority of trad gear. Shoes, books, and ice climbing gear make a lot of sense. I personally bought a bunch of ice climbing gear for my older Simond ice tools on eBay, but that’s about it.