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Great Deal on Athletic Tape for Climbing

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I’m always going through a lot of tape for my fingers, but buying it at REI or other retail stores is getting ridiculously expensive. I did manage to find a great deal on Amazon a few days ago, but I was almost skeptical at the low price per roll. My order just showed up and this is definitely a great deal:

8 10 yard rolls of 1.5 inch Johnson & Johnson Coach Sports Tape for $20.78

For those of you mathematically challenged this afternoon, that’s $2.60 per roll. As a comparison, REI charges $4 for the same length of 1″ tape and $7.50 for a 2″ wide roll.

There may be cheaper tape out there, but not for the Johnson & Johnson brand which in my opinion is the best as it tears much easier and stays in place well.

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  1. Peter – the 1.5 inch may be a little narrow depending on your preference. I typically will use 2 inch tape for cracks, but it really depends. You could always just use more wraps for better coverage with the narrower width tape.

    BJ – then you should keep buying cases of it and start your own online retailer for tape!

  2. Carlos, I’m not sure about the grip since I’ve never tried the Metolius tape and since most climbers don’t use tape for added friction only to support/protect injuries I haven’t heard anything from anyone else. That being said I’ve used the J&J tape for at least 10+ years and it’s been the best I’ve personally tried by far.

    If you do try it, leave a comment and let us know how it compares to the Metolius tape.