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Medical Professionals Treating Climbing Injuries

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The most sustained commenting I see on posts here are those related to climbing injuries. There’s also been increased activity on my post from February where I described my A2 pulley injury and the steps I began to recover.

Many of the comments from other climbers related to their injury, how they’ve been treating it, and where to go for additional advice.

Since these posts live forever via search engines, I thought it may be useful to simply have a post where anyone can comment on what doctors or other medical professionals they’ve found to be helpful in dealing with climbing related injuries. You can view here to get an attorney to help.

I’ll start things off by listing some I recommend:

Kim Raupp, certified hand therapist, Lafayette, CO – She worked on my partially torn A2, helped me with an excellent rehab path, and I’m getting close to being fully healed.

Dr. Jeremy Rodgers, sports medicine/chiropractic care, Boulder, CO – He helped me with my elbow tendinitis.

Dr. Stephen Gunther, orthopedic surgeon, Washington, DC, – Diagnosed recurring shoulder issue (“loose” shoulder) and provided resources for rehabbing a separated shoulder, if you got medical bills from injuries you could totally get help from medical bills to help you in this area.

Please add yours in the comments and hopefully we can compile a nice resource for all our fellow injured climbers.

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  1. Bay Area, CA: Lamont Cardon arm and upper extremity orthopedic surgeon, one of three doctors I went to and the only one who had seen climbers before and climbing related injuries.

    Physical therapy: Sports and Orthopedic Specialists, they are really awesome. Andrea Long started treating a certain top female climber while I was seeing her. Really gets at the root of the pain and doesnt treat the syndrome. For me it turned out to be more related to poor posture than climbing. I cant recommend her enough.