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Silent Feet, How to Have Better Climbing Footwork

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Silent feet was one the best exercises I learned for better technique when I started climbing. This Tech Tip from Climbing goes into details on how to have better footwork while climbing.

As your main points of weighted contact, your feet matter. Placing them silently forces you to be deliberate and aware with your choice, placement, and movement onto and off each foothold.

The awesome power of Silent Feet

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  1. Nice words, i’ve recently began moving to surface routines down in Devon, England on the Wookeys cliffs and caves. After 4 months, twice weekly training at my local in door center, i’ve used balance beams and weight lifting to help increase my body strength.

    It was quite scary on my first real scale outing, but hopefully it’s something climbers get used to, here’s hoping.

    As someone learning all i can within the sport and a keen physical character, i’ll take what i can from this blog, love the silent feet technique, however as a mamoth with heavy plates attached to my ankles, i’ll have to work on it.

    Cheers TY