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Warming Up for Climbing Competitions

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Sean McColl writes about warming up for competitions. He has some good advice that can be adapted to any climbing warm-up routine.

My 75 minute warm up starts with 5 minutes of cardio. You can do anything, jump up and down, go for a run, jump rope, anything to get your heart going. For the first 10-15 minutes, if your feet are cold just wear your street shoes, if not put on your climbing shoes, do easy moves on big holds. Iâ??m usually just trying to get the blood pumping through my arms so when I go and try harder moves, they feel easier. After you feel a bit warmed up, get your climbing shoes on and do 40+ moves on the climbing wall.

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  1. Great post,
    I would probably add what to do when you can’t do it all the way through properly. Due to the lack of premises or else. Especially on ‘low end’ boulder competitions – you can find quite some of these in Central Eastern Europe – where your tips cannot be fully implemented.
    The first part (cardio 5 min) is fine, you can most probably do it wherever. The second and third phase (10-15 min climbing or street shoes big holds then 40+ moves) can be substituted for hanging on two-four big holds (they can be substituted with pull up bars) with whatever footholds and do some hand matches/assym semi-pullups/side-pulls with alternated footholds and positions.
    Climb on,