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What it Takes to Climb 5.12

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Gregory Thaczuk writes about what it takes to climb 5.12.

Sure I went climbing regularly but I wasnâ??t really trying. I took the easy way out. I toproped whenever someone else was willing to lead. I climbed the same routes regularly. If I was leading and my knees where at a bolt I would take instead of going for it. Basically, I sucked at sport climbing because I deluded myself into thinking that I was trying, when really I was giving 50% most of the time.

via Will Gadd

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1 Comment

  1. While fully applicable to 5.12 this article can be used to overcome any grade barrier. When one desires quick progression you really have to push hard into the unknown instead of just waiting around for the next grade to just happen.

    Great advice and very true!

    – Luke