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Build your own indoor climbing wall

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Whenever the weather stays cold (hmm, like now, in February), I feel like a mad genius scheming plans to build a climbing wall somewhere in my home. In my mind, I’ve developed plans for an attic wall, a free standing bouldering cave in a spare bedroom, a bouldering cave suspended in the basement laundry room, and the list goes on. Obviously, some of these ideas are outrageous to say the least. But they always seem like a good idea. Luckily, I have a climbing gym ten minutes from my house. So, whenever madness strikes, I just hit the gym. I know, its a nice luxury that the majority of climbers don’t have.

That said, I may still build a home wall just because it looks like great fun and can only help my climbing. I’ve seen numerous sites that show step-by-step how to build a climbing wall. Here are some of the best:

How to Build a Home Bouldering Wall –
Climbing Wall Project Estimator
The Indoor Climber’s Resource
The Edge Climbing Wall Systems
Metolius guide to building a climbing wall (PDF)
Pawn Climbing
Home Climbing Walls – Tradgirl

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  1. Any thought on how to build a free standing wall with multiple degree slopes and horrizontal overhangs?

  2. I have a small 3 bedroom home. I also have a VERY adventurour, no fear 2 1/2 year old. I was thinking about covering one of her bedroom walls with a climbing area. I’d say the wall is no more than 8.5′ tall x 10′ wide. Any suggestions?

  3. Tina, great question, but placing a wall in a kid’s BR is tough because you’ll need to build the framework to make it overhand at least 30 degrees. From personal experience I can tell you that build a wall that small completely vertical gets boring very quick.

  4. any tips on my plan to build a temp ice wall in a cold room for a Christmas promo in Cape Town SA?

    Our plane is to build a 6 m high 8 meter wide ice wall . set onto a scaffold tower clad with timber. we plan to pump -10 C glycole through steel pipes along the timber support frame.

    we also need to purchase some stap-on crampons and ice axes.