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Eagle Mountain Landfill Threatens Joshua Tree

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The National Parks Conservation Association has an action alert regarding the Eagle Mountain Landfill. The landfill, proposed by the Mine Reclamation Corporation (a subsidiary of Kaiser Ventures) would be largest garbage dump in the U.S.

Proposed on land that at one time was part of Joshua Tree National Monument, the project would be surrounded on three sides by the national parkâ??s designated wilderness. The landfill would receive 20,000 tons of garbage a day, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for 117 years. Garbage would be hauled to this desert site daily by seven mile-long double-decker trains and 200 trash trucks. The project would include landfill gas flaring equipment, rock crushing and screening equipment, separate rail and truck yards and fueling areas, storage sites for hazardous waste, and settling basins. Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts has agreed to purchase the landfill from Kaiser, once all legal challenges to it are resolved, to dispose of garbage from several southern California counties.

Please visit the site, and if possible, take action to save this valuable climbing resource.

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  1. I’m a climber who is currently living in Esquel, Chubut Argentina. I just found this web site and appreciate it very much as it is the only way I can stay abrest as to what is going on in the U.S. Is the access fund going to intervene on the issue of Joshua Tree? If not why? What can the rest of us do to keep this from happenning?
    Well thanks for this web-site. Jeff Adams