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How do you read All Climbing?

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How do you read the All Climbing blog? Are you just visiting the web site directly? If so, you may be missing some new content. Two different ways to subscribe to this blog exist, so I thought it was a good time to highlight them.

You have two different options to subscribe to All Climbing: email and RSS feeds. Email subscribers receive no more than one email per day when content is posted. If there are no posts, you receive no email. If there are three posts in a day, you only receive one email from us. You get the picture. Subscribe to All Climbing via email here.

RSS feeds make subscribing even easier. Using your preferred feed reader, all new posts are pushed directly to you as soon as they’re written. Subscribe to All Climbing’s RSS feed here.

With either choice you get fresh climbing content from the All Climbing blog delivered directly to you without having to visit the web site.

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  1. @Climbing Joe – I agree, but there are still many people out there oblivious to RSS feeds so email is a nice option to bridge the gap.