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Rock Chalk review

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As an old school, block gymnastic chalk user, I’ve tried and then given away every other type of chalk to be released over the years. Everything other than the block chalk feels greasy to me. I pretty much assumed attempts at chalk innovation has stopped, but apparently a company called has some interesting products. has a recent review of Terra Firma’s product, Rock Chalk:

Rock Chalk contains an all-natural pigment that is made of – are you ready for this? Rocks. Its actual substance is a guarded secret, but Shackelford assures me that the stuff comes straight out of the ground. I know that this doesn’t determine whether or not it will actually stain, but hey, white chalk stains. I can name you several crags that have chalk marks aplenty to bewilder archaeologists ten thousand years from now.

In addition, a block Rock Chalk version is also on the way. That I may give a shot. But if everyone starts using colored chalk, I may have to learn some route-finding skills!

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