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The Accessorized Trad Climber from Pimpin and Crimpin

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Pimpin and Crimpin has a hilarious post up on the accessorized trad climber. Check it out and I guarantee you’ll laugh!

Duct Tape: For some reason that I will never understand, trad climbers have an affinity for duct tape that is almost as creepy as a mustachioed man winking at five year olds. What they do with this stuff, Iâ??ll never know but what I do know is that to look like a seasoned trad climber, you need to have truck loads of this shit. But hereâ??s the trick: you canâ??t keep on the roll. Youâ??ve got to stick it to your parka, wrap it around nalgenes and toothbrushes for no apparent reason and use it to patch your carharts. Maybe someday youâ??ll meet MacGyver and figure some practical uses for this stuff.

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