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The Technology Behind Filming an Everest Ascent

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Technology Behind Filming an Everest Ascent

The National Geographic Adventure Travel blog interviews the First Ascent team about the technology behind their Everest filmmaking.

weather permitting, mountaineers Ed Viesturs, Peter Whittaker, and other members of the First Ascent team will take on the summit of Everest. And even though we have not yet donned our down jackets, we’ve been there every step of the wayâ??through the avalanches, illnesses, and one of the largest storms of the season. This is thanks to the daily, three-minute video dispatches produced right from the world’s tallest mountain. The carefully choreographed process begins with the video getting back up on an Apple MacBook Pro from high on the mountain. It’s then carried on solid state memory cards down to Base Camp. Once there, the footage is loaded on to another MacBook Pro and edited for public viewing in Final Cut Pro

(via TUAW)

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1 Comment

  1. The irony of it all. I just started reading a book this week and that got me starting a blog about the read and mountaineering and then I find this article about shooting an ascent on Everest. The book is one of a series about Everest. The series is titled “The Summit Murders” and I am now reading (out of order) “Murder on Everest” which is telling about a film crew going back up to find someone they have lost on a previous climb – “Abandoned on Everest”.
    I am going to follow up my reading on my blog at if anyone is interested in creating an ongoin discussion on this great topic. Hope to see you there.